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We believe food should build you up from the inside out and remind you to celebrate you.

I’m Hadley, and along with my best friend, Galia, we are here to introduce you to Jouzge. The greatness and strength of girls inspired my mom and I to make a treat that is like a love note, reminding you to keep at it and keep going no matter what. Some days are rough. We get it, but you do have what it takes to succeed. Here’s to the power of all girls. Welcome.

we’ve made our way to Amazon…

We’re finally chillin’ on the aisle of Amazon, so click here to shop Jouzge in your favorite flavors! Once you’re done, head back over and, read some of our love notes to you, leave us a review and tell us about the flavor you love most!!! Oh and don’t forget to hit that follow button and stay connected. Ready. Set. Go.


Hi, I'm Hadley

Weirdest Habit: Biting my nails (Like to the nub)

Fav Snapchat Filter: Mouse Mask Thingy

Fav Musician: “The Weekend” Or “Party Next Door"

Self Affirmation: “Bossy: Be It. Own It. Redefine It.”

Your TV Obsession: Vampire Diaries

Your Celebrity BFF: Bella Hadid & Lily-Rose Depp


Hi, I'm Galia

Weirdest Habit: Song on Repeat, Until I Hate It

Fav Musician: "Yo Trane"

Self Affirmation: "I have the Power to Turn Every Situation Into A Good One."

Your TV Obsession: "Grey's Anatomy" Or "Originals"

Your Celebrity BFF: Drake

having a rough day?

we have them too, so we wrote some notes that’ll probably help a little. just pick a topic and see what the universe gives ya.

Galia & Hadley

the good tasting not-so-much-a-candy-bar

In walks Jouzge, the good tasting not-so-much-a-candy-bar. It tastes like one and looks like one, but it's loaded in protein, has no more than 130 just right calories, a touch of sweetness, and made with love to inspire girls like us.

Which Flavor Makes Your Mouth Water?
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here's what the people are, raving about...

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 4 reviews
by Daisy on Jouzge

I love Jouzge I am so obsessed with the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor😍 They are so perfect for when you are on the go and you need a quick snack, I am always traveling and on the go and they are awesome!! I'd highly recommend because of not only their nutritional value and their portability but they taste so so good like actual cookie dough! It's crazy that something can taste so good and also be good for your health!! 10/10 would recommend

by Christina on Jouzge

These protein treats are amazing! The taste has the perfect amount of sweetness. They seriously taste so good you can forget you're eating a protein bar! I'm always on the hunt for new snacks and I like to keep the sugar intake low. These are exactly what I'm looking for. I'm a snack person, so I always keep one in my purse. I will definitely stock up on these again! If you're a cookie dough flavor fan, you will really enjoy these. I'm a sucker for a cookie dough treat and these are my bars of choice. The packaging is also super cute! I love the polka dot print!

by Taylar on Jouzge

I wasn't a fan of protein bars until I tasted Jouzge. Wow, a fabulous job on taste...

by Aleah on Jouzge

These are some really great protein bars! They are so tasty! My favorite is the chocolate chip cookie dough. They came in real handy after my workouts! I definitely will be buying more of these!

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