We all need some extra motivation and love. In walks Jouzge, the good tasting not-so-much-a-candy-bar. It tastes like one and looks like one, but it’s loaded in protein, has no more than 130 just right calories, a touch of sweetness, and is made with love to inspire girls like us. So in a nutshell, it’s a little bit of heaven. Yeah, we can hardly believe we exist, too.

Best part? My mom created this for you and me, with a little …actually a lot of help from yours truly. We want to add a little love to your lives…kind of like my favorite love note from my mom…she writes these a lot…don’t tell her… but I love them.


Dear Hadley,

Today, you are 16, but I still remember walking you into class on your first day of school.

Remember that little girl? Her fight? Her struggles and dreams for success?

I sneak to stare at your first school photo with your shy smile before you get home from school. Looking back on these years has helped me reflect on the wishes I made when you were that little girl to the grown-up girl who will soon be home.

I still wish for those very same things.

I wish that you never forget that anything is yours as long as you are willing to work for it.

I wish that you know that beauty lies in knowing that nothing will come easy or will be handed to you just because you ask.

I wish that you will see clearly just how amazing you are. I wish that you never place your value in the hands of others, because the likes, loves and comments will not define you and I wish that you never forget that only you can do that.

I wish that you see all that the world has to offer and that you taste it, live fully in it, love it and find healing during your challenges. But, more importantly, I wish that you never hide from it or became frightened by it.

Hadley, although now you make it look easy, only we know how hard you’ve worked to get here. How hard you fought to embrace the gifts that you have. Remember that little girl? Her fight? Her struggles and dreams for success?

She and I will always be with you. Reminding you to celebrate yourself as you become the amazing woman that I know you are. Baby girl, I love you with my whole heart. You inspired me to breathe every bit of “you and that little girl” into this brand. Jouzge is my love note to you.

Be the thunder, be the wind and ignite this world with your light. It’s time.

After all, you have so much Jouzge.
To the Power of my GIRL,