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You all know what takes to build a business: passion, hard work, dedication, and a little bit of crazy.

Often it starts with your why – the story and reason you are investing your entire powerful self to create a place for others to strive and challenge themselves. One of the most beautiful aspects of female entrepreneurs is our passion to help others thrive. This becomes the foundation and intrinsic part of our why. It’s never an afterthought… helping, encouraging, empowering others is what drives us to do what we never thought possible.

My why is pretty simple. I have a huge sweet tooth. Guilty as charged!

It sabotages a lot of my discipline. I consume a lot of protein bars to offset this beast. The bar I liked the best had an “ok” nutritional label, but a weird chemical aftertaste. At least it got rid of the sugar, but still, the sugars were all fake. It helped mitigate cravings during crunch time, because who wants to sabotage all the hard work of all those crunches!

At the time, my daughter, Hadley, was 13. She had said to me “Hey mom – you’re eating those bars by the truckload. They must be good. Can I have one?” She liked it, and loved mimicking mom’s snack habits (these kids are indeed watching us).

While I was considering her request I realized that although the nutritional label was acceptable, the diet and weight management messages most certainly were not. This women’s bar, as well as many other brands basically said, “So.. you’re not the right size, but if you eat this, you’ll be thinner, cuter, prettier.” ¬†What struck me like a brick was why in the world should any of us eat a brand with these crappy messages? Let alone, pass this along to my 13-year-old for her to get the same heartless messaging.

The next day Hadley, my mom, and I – three generations of girls – set out on a mission to create a snack that tastes like a candy bar but doesn’t have all the junk. It would also be a brand to encourage girls to find their power through themselves, instead of questioning their body types and encouraging dieting.

And BAM! Jougze was born.

Jouzge was a term my dad used when I was growing up. He had this great Neil Diamond feathered haircut (I’m a 70’s child!). He would blow dry, then flip up and down. Lots of volume. Lots of hairspray. When he nailed it just right, he would raise his hands, maybe clap, and say “I’ve got so much jouzge today!”

It became a mantra to starting his day with a whole lot of attitude. Whenever I was struggling with something he would always say…”Dana…you’ve got this, you’ve got so much jouzge.”

So here’s to you and all you do to empower and strengthen those around you. While you are reminding everyone else of all their greatness, please take the time to celebrate yourself. After all… you got this, you have so much Jouzge.

To the Power of GIRL,

Dana, Dottie, & Hadley

you’ve got this, you’ve got so much jouzge.